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Le Moulin Neuf is located in Chalandray in Vienne (86) on a reach on the left bank of Vendelogne, 200 m from the feudal castle of La Motte on which it depended until the French Revolution. The presence of several Mills in the stronghold of La Motte Chalandray has been documented since at least 1406. Property of the family of Montbron then attached to the Peerage Duchy of Meilleraye this fief becomes in 1779 the property of Madame Jeanne Henriette Milon. During the revolution the land of Chalandray belonged to Jeanne Augustine des Francs wife of Arnoult Claude de Poute Marquis de Nieul. A contract was signed by the latter for the benefit of Pierre Potet and Catherine Godu on the one hand and François Fillon and Jeanne Potet on the other hand on 2 Floral, year XI (22 April 1803). This agreement establishes that this mill was that of the Château de la Motte Chalandray, stronghold of the lords of La Motte de Chalandray, of which Jeanne Augustine des Francs was the heiress and Pierre Moussais the farmer in 1803. We also find the mention of this mill of the seigneury of Chalandray in a lease signed on October 22, 1738. The current owners bought the Moulin Neuf in 1990 in very poor condition, with the intention of building four apartments there for rental. In 1992 with the help of craftsmen the walls were rebuilt and the roof redone. The owner therefore put all his time, courage, heart and energy into carrying out the rest of the work himself. In February 1995 three tenants gradually moved in. The last accommodation was finalized in 2007.

At the same time, the owner undertook long-term work, the rehabilitation of the hydraulic system: tailrace wall masonry in exposed stones of the intake channel, titanic clearing of the 500 meters of the intake channel, construction of a bridge over the reach. He also restored the oven and the wash house. In April 2010, the Departmental Directorate of Territories (DDT) authorized the reestablishment of the water intake to connect the reach to the river. Lionel Bertrand, member of the association, gives a hand to set up the three necessary dams, temporary at first and then built up when the levels have been found to be correct. In January 2014, it was with the help of Michel Daccord, a former carpenter, member of the Moulins de France association, that the construction of the wheel began. Then begins the felling of the oaks in the wood next to the mill, then place the sawing (by a traveling series) to shape the logs which will be used to make the arms, the hangers, the cores and the boards to make the blades. The assembly begins in the workshop and in November a team of four goes to assembly on site and everyone is pleased to see the wheel turn a few days later. Since the summer of 2014, annual rentals have been replaced by gîtes and holidaymakers from all over France are welcomed in a calm and green setting.

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